Nervous Patients

If you are a nervous patient, you are not alone. A large number of our patients are nervous when they step through our practice doors for the first time. Rest assured, all of our dentists are experts in treating nervous patients and helping them overcome their anxiety.

At Battle Road Dental Practice, all of our team members want to make sure your experience with us is as comfortable as it can possibly be. We are sensitive to the concerns of nervous patients and those with dental phobias.

If you are a nervous patient, we would always encourage you to make us aware of this. We will make sure our approach is suitable for you and that you are comfortable with all of the steps we need to perform.

There are several ways that you can ease your anxiety before your dental appointment. Here’s a few that we would recommend to nervous patients:

  • Discuss your anxieties with our dental team, including our receptionists
  • Bring someone along with you to your appointment that you trust
  • Dental check-ups are pain-free and treatment is rarely carried out at the same appointment
  • Book an appointment for early in the morning so you have less time to worry about it
  • Listen to your own calming music in the waiting room before your appointment - but please use headphones

In some cases, patients that suffer severe dental anxiety choose to opt for sedation. Find out more about dental sedation here.

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